Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Week's Worth of Dinners

Time for the third installment of my made up series! 

Sunday night was Baked Ham with this glaze.  I had forgotten that Easter was coming up when I purchased this ham.  Oh well, I guess it's okay that we ate ham two Sundays in a row.  I didn't want to just bake the ham without any glaze or topping so I did a quick search on AllRecipes (one of my favorite recipe sites) and came up with the linked glaze.  I didn't have an Irish stout so I used an oatmeal stout that I had on hand. 

I basted the ham every 15 minutes.  The glaze wasn't really glaze-y.  Instead, it was more like a sauce.  It still had a good taste to it - it definitely tasted like beer! - and I spooned some over my ham as evidenced in this picture.

The leftover ham will make another appearance later this week in the form of a quiche.

Monday night was Baked Ziti with Spinach.  This is a healthy recipe that I doctored up, which in turn made it not healthy anymore.  Oh well, maybe next time?  I added a pound of hot Italian sausage and used regular pasta.  If you were to use turkey sausage and the high fiber pasta that the recipe calls for it would still be healthy. 

This was DELICIOUS!  I am a huge pasta lover so this satisfied my craving.  It was cheezy and ooey gooey.  It was a little too hot so next time I will use mild sausage rather than the hot.  Jack even ate it although he scraped off the spinach.  Little bugger.

This also made a ton so I am eating the leftovers this week for lunch.  Yummy!

Tuesday night was Ham, Cheese and Broccoli Quiche.  I wanted to use up the leftover ham from Sunday night. 

I really love quiche.  Jason didn't think he did until I made it for him a couple of years ago.  Apparently he didn't have good quiche.  Heh heh. 

Please note that the instructions for baking are in Celsius.  The equivalent in Fahrenheit is about 350 degrees (356 exactly). 

The verdict?  Yummy!  Mine turned out a little watery when I cut into it but that is probably because I didn't let it sit for the 5 minutes the recipe calls for.  My bad.

Wednesday night was Velveeta Down Home Macaroni and Cheese with hotdogs.  Don't judge, I have a ton of Velveeta leftover from another recipe and I didn't want to just throw it out. 

Mac and cheese is a favorite in our house.  It's something that all of us (with the exception of Cal) will eat.  Jason didn't love this recipe.  He claimed that he could tell it was made with Velveeta.  Jack and I liked it though.

It was very easy to make and it really was like making standard macaroni and cheese, complete with a roux.

I served ours with hot dogs. I usually bake the hot dogs on top of the mac and cheese but this recipe called for a breadcrumb topping so I didn't want to cover it up with hot dogs.  And don't fear, we eat good hot dogs.  And no buns.

This picture didn't turn out so hot but here is the Velveeta gooeyness:

Thursday night I didn't cook.  I was exhausted after being on-call for the week at work so we ordered pizza.    Friday night was dinner at my in-laws so again, no dinner post.  But I will leave you with........

Bonus Dessert/Breakfast recipe!

I wanted to make something sweet (when don't I?) that we could have.  But amazingly enough, I wasn't feeling chocolate.  I thought blueberry muffins would taste good but I didn't have any eggs on hand.  Which in itself is unusual because I hardly ever run out of ingredients.  After a Google search of egg free blueberry muffins, I came up with this.

Oh my gosh.  Go out and make these muffins immediately!  Every time I make muffins they are either dry, tasteless or do not have enough blueberries.  These were amazing!  Super moist and filled with blueberries.  I wish Jack would have eaten one but he turned up his nose.  Considering his love of blueberries, I thought he would love them but he took one bite and decided against more.  I didn't even bother thawing the blueberries before I threw them in the batter.  Maybe that added to the moistness of the finished product. 

Aren't these gorgeous?  Ignore my old muffin pans.

I want to make these again.  Like yesterday.

That's it for this installment.  Since I am playing catch up, another post of dinners will be coming in the next couple of days.

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