Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cool Dad

Jason has earned some major Cool Dad points today.  It's raining here in Portland (when isn't it actually?) so in order for Jack to get some of his energy burned off, Jason set up his play structure in the living room.

Jack had a blast climbing up and sliding down.  The play structure is now moved to Jack's room temporarily so Jason can have a little quiet while Jack screams in delight.

More Cool Dad points:  Jason captured a spider that was roaming around our house.  He bottled it up in a Mason jar and him and Jack are having a good time watching the spider crawl all around.  They went on the internet to look at pictures of spiders to see if they could identify it.

Cool Dad points:  Jason made Jack a super cool lunch.  Way better than the Mickey Mouse PB&J I made him last week.  He got leftover "pasta" soup, grapes and a special pudding snack.  Jack has never had pudding before so he was hesitant at first.  But he took one bite and loved it.  

Jason wins Cool Dad of the week.  At least in my book he does.

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