Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Last week I took a vacation from work.  My Dad was flying in from New Hampshire and I wanted to spend some time with him and the rest of my family.

What a week!  It was super busy but we had a great time.  He flew in Monday night so I worked that day to not suck up an additional day of PTO.

Tuesday we hit up the zoo and it was perfect weather!  My Dad rented a big car so the whole family and two carseats could fit.  When we got to the zoo we realized that it was $4 Tuesday so it was quite crowded.  Even with the big crowds, it wasn't busy in the exhibits.  I carried Cal in my new Ergo carrier and Jack rode around in his stroller and walked part of the time.  We all had a blast!  My Dad had dinner with my sister's boyfriend's family (did you catch that?) that night so Jason and I had a leisurely dinner of Chinese food takeout.

Tuesday child accomplishment:  Pumping in the car in the zoo parking lot while Cal and I chatted.  I thought I would be nervous and worry that someone would see, but you know what?  Who cares?  I opened the car doors for the car to air out and we just relaxed.

Wednesday was a trip down near Salem to Silver Falls.  It was hard coming up with activities that my Dad hadn't done before.  Silver Falls was new to him and to my family.  Jason had been before and he was the one who suggested it.  It was a curvy drive down on a beautiful day.  I wish I could have enjoyed the drive but I was carsick.  Gross.  After a short hike to the falls we took Jack to the park playground to burn off some steam.  We stopped in Salem for a late lunch and then headed home to relax.  I cooked dinner for everyone and we enjoyed some family time.

Wednesday child accomplishment:  Keeping Jack calm after having virtually no nap.  He had a couple of minor freak outs but was such a good boy sitting and eating his lunch at a table outside and not running off.  It is so much fun to watch him do "big boy" things like eating at a table with no highchair.

Thursday the family went to the beach without me and Cal because I had a pediatrician appointment to take him to.  Jason took some pictures and a video of Jack playing on the sand.  I am ashamed to say this was his first encounter with the beach but he had a blast!  He thought it was fun to throw sand in the air which meant bath was in order in the evening.  Cal and I ran some errands after his doctor appointment and then enjoyed some quiet time at home.  In the evening everyone assembled at my house for spaghetti.  I made the family recipe which is a huge favorite in our house.

Thursday child accomplishment:  Not worrying about how Jack was doing without me (it was one of the first times that Jason had Jack without me on a day trip).  I knew he was in good hands and that he had plenty of snacks to keep him occupied.  I honestly didn't worry the whole day.  I did text Jason at one point and ask how he was doing and he said "Great! He loves the sand".

Friday was the best day of the entire week.  I had planned this day and was super excited about it.  I knew Jack would love the outing and I am absolutely right.  Our adventure warrants its own post so I will just say we had an awesome day on the Mt. Hood Railroad.  With a toddler that LOVES trains (too too teen) he was in awe.  After such a fun day we decided to head out to a fun dinner at Laurelwood Brew Pub.  This was my choice since no one seemed to want to make a decision.  It has a play area for kids and great food for the adults.

Friday child accomplishment:  Feeling like an in-control parent when letting Jack loose in the play area.  He was such a good kid!  He played happily until it was time to eat and then went right back to playing.  He never tried running or taking off which is amazing for my super high energy boy.

Saturday was a boy's day.  Jason and my dad, his dad and several of his friends all went shooting up on the mountain.  Lynn and I had a very nice breakfast at one of my favorite places (New Deal) with the boys.  Cal slept and Jack played.  After that was a trip to the playground and of course Jack had a blast.  To wrap up our busy week, everyone had dinner over at my in-laws.  I am really lucky that my dad and in-laws like each other so much.  They had so much in common so it's a natural pairing.

Saturday child accomplishment:  Changing Cal in the back of my car and not getting any of his massive poo diaper anywhere.

I am exhausted after such a busy week.  I am definitely still trying to play catch-up with sleep.  I feel like I might be getting mastitis which would not be a surprise after all the running around I did.

To wrap up this post, here is a picture of the boys.  You have to enjoy them separately since it's hard to get them both together.

Jack and Grant having a boys conversation

This picture cracks me up.  Every time we would go through a tunnel or under an overpass, the change in light made Cal's eyes get huge.  We were all laughing in the car and I couldn't resist the opportunity to take a picture.

Look for a separate post about the Mt. Hood Railroad.

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