Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bath Fail

I am a crazy blogger lately. I think this is my third or fourth post today.

Tonight was bath night. We do baths on Wednesday and Sunday (for consistency and so mommy remembers!) and tonight was the night. Previously, Jason did all the work while I stood by and felt helpless. I am not sure why he took charge. Probably because he could sense my hesitation. I didn't want to upset Jack or have me be the source of his crying. I made Jason promise me that I could do bath tonight. I was looking forward to it actually.

I undressed Jack, cleaned his bum and then wrapped him in a blankie to make the trek to the kitchen. Jason had the water all ready and I set Jack in the tub. Typically he cries so I was expecting this. Yes, he cried. He actually screamed when I put him in the tub. It wasn't the water temperature. I think he was just shocked that he was put naked in the water. Poor little guy.

I kept my cool the entire time. I washed his hair and his little squirmy body while talking in a soft voice to him. Jason stood by like I typically do. Just supervising I guess. I personally think I did a pretty good job even though the poor little thing was just not so happy. A couple of times he stopped crying and seemed to enjoy himself. Then he remembered where he was and started crying again. "Mommmyyyyyyy, please take me out of this tub!!!!!!! I just want to be snuggled and warm!". Breaks my heart.

Finally bath was over after about 4 minutes and I wrapped the squirmy bug in his towel. I was drying him off when I smelled the unmistakable smell of baby poo. Oh yes, my baby pooped on me. He must have been telling me just how dissatisfied he was at bath. And at mommy. It's official folks, my kid hates me.

I quickly brought him to his room and cleaned off his bum and moved the towel aside where he pooped. I was trying to get some diaper cream on him and diapered when Jason came in and got disgrunted at how slow I must have been when he said "MOVE!" and took over. I must not have been moving fast enough. Ouch. Nothing like having Daddy step in because Mommy sucks. Remember my feelings of inadequacy from earlier? Yup, those all came rushing back.

Jack is fine now. He's clean, smells good, has nicely trimmed nails, soft hair and freshly styled and a clean diapie. However, I still get a big fat fail for bath time. Screaming baby + Getting pooped on = Frazzled Mommy.

Someone hold me and pass me a drink please!

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