Thursday, February 11, 2010

My New Favorite Thing

In the hospital, the nurses kept telling me to get some rest, but because Jack was fussy and I didn't want to put him down, I didn't get a lot of rest. They would say "Take a nap with him. Just put him on your chest. You won't drop him". Folks, I am the clumsiest person on the planet. My nickname is Grace because I don't have an ounce of grace or gracefulness in me. Of COURSE I would drop him. I am clumsy. I would be the only mother on the planet who would drop her child. Or, I would roll over on him.

Well, yesterday, I was relaxing (sleeping) on the couch and Jack started to fuss. I asked Jason to hand him to me. In less than two minutes, I was asleep, and so was Jack. Here is what ensued:

I didn't roll over or drop him much to my surprise. Jason was right there supervising so I felt pretty good that nothing bad would happen.

This morning, instead of the couch, Jack and I snuggled in bed. It felt nice to cuddle and hold my baby while we both took a cat nap. It's my new favorite thing. Since I have been so down the last few days, it really helped to boost my spirits.

And for all your skeptics of sleeping with your baby, I ask you to butt out. He wasn't in harms way and I know many people co-sleep so pfflllllfffptttt.

And yes, I realize that I don't look all that great in this picture. What can I say? It was 4:00am and Mommy was tired. Of course, Jack looks incredibly adorable no matter the time of day.

Jack + Mommy = Best thing ever


  1. This picture is precious.

  2. Seriously, Cameron is still here! We did it for 9 months otherwise I would have been a walking zombie. I blame the nurses at the hospital, they held him ALL NIGHT LONG in the nursery.