Friday, February 12, 2010

Things I Never Expected

Becoming a mommy was a big transition to me. I never thought I would be sappy or talk baby talk or kiss my child all over his face. However, once he was born, that all changed. Here are some things that I never expected about having a baby and being a mommy.

I never expected:

* The instant love that I felt when I heard you cry for the first time after being born. I didn't even need to see you.

* That having a c-section wouldn't be so bad.

* That I never tire of looking at your sweet face and kissing you all over.

* That even though you make me incredibly happy, there are some days when I am so tired and frustrated that I just cry. How can I be so sad when I have something so beautiful?

* That breastfeeding wouldn't come naturally and would take a lot of work.

* That I would be anxious if I leave the house, even for a short period of time, without you. I constantly worry and wonder "Is Jack alright?".

* That people would pamper and spoil me and not let me drive or do heavy lifting.

* That if someone else is holding you and you cry, I jump right up to help or see what's wrong.

* That my mommy instincts and intuition would kick right in. I never thought I would be a good mommy but I am proving myself wrong so far.

* That sometimes common sense is not so common. For example, we put powder on Jack's heiney during some diaper changes. Jason had to tell me to put the powder in the folds of his little legs. DUH!

* That I would be very quick to want to give up on certain things. Such as pumping and breastfeeding. I am normally a strong person, but it's so discouraging not to be able to feed your baby. I just want to give up sometimes, even though I will keep persevering.

* That I would get lonely during the day and want to try and call all my friends and family. I want to talk to my mom but she doesn't have a phone. Instead, I chat online in between bottles and diaper changes.

Being a mom is hard, but so rewarding! I know it's all worth it. Let's hope I find more good things that I never expected.

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