Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Day Away

Today, Jason was the best man in his best friend's wedding. That means that we needed a babysitter for Jack. I could write a whole post on why we didn't bring him to the wedding, but I digress (I am still bitter about it).

I asked my aunt to watch him since my mother and father-in-law were at the wedding as well. Honestly, I think my nerves were completely shot before I left the house this morning. I was so incredibly anxious and nervous. Not that Jack wouldn't be okay. He was going to be in excellent hands. I was more worried about ME! This was my first time away from Jack for more than an hour and the first time anyone other than my mother-in-law was going to watch him.

I got the diaper bag and my pump bag all ready to go last night. I set out all my clothes. I got everything possible ready since I had no idea if the bean would nap this morning. Good thing too because he didn't nap. I took a shower with Jack in his bouncy chair in the bathroom. Jason was getting ready for the wedding so he wasn't able to help out.

I dropped Jack off at 11:30 and gave my aunt tons of instructions:

* When you hear him poop, wait a few minutes to change him because likely he isn't done pooping. We have learned this the hard way.

* He's hard to burp but it's a necessity since he gets awful gas. Just keep trying!

* Pace him when it comes to feeding him a bottle. If you don't, that bottle will end up on you and your furniture.

The diaper bag was ridiculously overpacked. That's a nervous mama for you! I packed 20 ounces of breastmilk bottles alone. Seriously, Jack doesn't eat more than 4 ounces at a sitting and he was only going to be over at her house for 4 hours. 20 ounces was overkill but I would rather be over-prepared than under-prepared.

My pump and I were off to the wedding and how embarrassing! When I got there, I had enough time to knock out a pumping session. If I hadn't, it would have been ugly. So, I had to ask someone where I could go that was private. Turns out, there was a bathroom that was private, but it was right off the lobby of the chapel. Oh well, people could probably hear me but I had business to do!

The wedding was lovely. I was a ball of nerves the entire time. I wish I had brought Jack. There were other babies there. I could have sat in the back and if he had fussed, I could have brought him outside. And there were plenty of places that I could nurse him. I was in agony for 3 hours until I decided it was time to leave. I got to see the cake cutting, Jason giving a toast and all the dancing. I didn't miss much.

I drove like a lunatic on the way home. I couldn't help it! I missed my baby! PS: I never thought I would be this type of mom.

My poor aunt. When I got there, she had changed her clothes. That is the telltale sign that projectile vomit probably occurred. Turns out, Jack overate and puked up his bottle. Then, he pooped and when she changed him, he wasn't done pooping and he pooped and peed all over her. Remember those points I said before? Uh huh. I know my baby well.

I have to say, I survived. But will I be leaving Jack again soon? Nope. I might for an hour or two but not four. Those were the longest four hours ever! Maybe it will get easier with time, but I don't want to test that theory just yet.

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