Saturday, March 20, 2010

I've Reached a New Low

The weather is beautiful outside today so I thought I would take Jack shopping. The fact that it's almost 70 degrees and we were inside is not what this post is about although that is pretty pathetic too. We took a walk yesterday outside so no judging.

We first went to Starbucks. I am starting him on coffee drinks early. I kid people, lighten up. With my delicious white mocha in hand, I pulled the stroller out of the trunk and we went into Kohl's. I was on the hunt mostly for an Easter outfit for little man, but I thought I would try and find some clothes for me too.

I don't consider myself incredibly stylish but I always try and make an effort to look presentable. Before baby, I would wear cute jewelry, my purse would match and I would wear fun shoes. Now, my wardrobe consists of items that are comfortable and easy to yank up in order to nurse. This means I live in jeans, sneakers, tank tops and a sweatshirt. Le sigh.

You would think I would take an opportunity to buy new clothes and have FUN! Noooo, what do I buy? Comfortable clothes. Jebus. Three t-shirts, one sweatshirt and two nursing bras later, I am officially a loser. What is even more pathetic is that the nursing bras are completely shapeless. Who cares? They are freaking soft! Think sports bra but thinner and prettier.

I have reached a new low. At least the sweatshirt is in a fun color and has a pattern on it. Like that really makes it any better.

I am such a mom. It's official. I swear on my life that I will never purchase "mom jeans" or cut my hair short. My husband just might divorce me if that occurred.

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