Monday, March 1, 2010

One Month Old

Jack, you are one month old today. Where has the time gone? I swear, just yesterday we were bringing you home from the hospital in your little bear suit. My tiny little baby is getting so big!

I cannot describe or explain just how much I love you. Even when I get frustrated because I can't calm your crying or you don't want to eat even though you are hungry, I love you more than life itself. You are the best thing that happened to your daddy and I. Looking at you is like looking at a miniature version of your daddy (and me) and it melts my heart. I love you so much little guy. I cannot wait until you can smile and show that you love me too.

Here are some things about you at one month old:

* You must be 10 pounds by now. At the doctor last Tuesday, you were 9 pounds, so I imagine that you are right at or very close to 10 pounds.

* You just went through a growth spurt. You were eating constantly, hardly sleeping and as a result, Mommy and Daddy's nerves were very frazzled. It seems to be over with now though.

* Over the weekend, you smiled really really big for both Daddy and Nana. We aren't sure if it was a real smile or just gas, but we will say it was a real smile. Your Daddy smiled really early too so it wouldn't surprise me if it was a smile. Now if you could only do it for Mommy, that would be great!

* We just had to switch your diapers. You have officially outgrown your newborn sized Swaddlers. You are now in size 1's. My goodness! You are getting so big! When you were born, the nurses at the hospital put you in size 1's and you were too tiny for them. They were huge on you! Now they fit you just right. I will admit that Daddy and I are going to miss the Swaddlers because they changed color when you had a wet diaper.

* You love both your activity gym and your glowing seahorse. You "talk" to both of them, especially when it's slightly dark in your room and you can see the seahorse light up. You will stare at him and your toys in the gym mat for a very long time. It's so fun to listen to the noises that you make and watch you kick your little legs. We have a couple of videos of you playing. I watch them at least once a day.

* You seem to have outgrown hating your bath. Now, when we give you a bath, you hardly fuss at all. If we put a warm washcloth over your tummy, it helps a lot and makes you happy. You don't even cry when we wash your hair! In a couple more weeks, I bet you will officially enjoy your bath.

* On that same note, you don't scream when we change your diaper anymore, unless it's very early in the morning and you haven't woken up all the way yet. You used to cry very hard when we would undress you and wipe you down. That stage seems to have passed.

* You are getting very close to outgrowing your newborn sized clothes. Your little legs are getting very long (we aren't sure where those long legs come from!) and newborn pants are a wee bit too small. The onesies and shirts still fit, but it won't be long. I put you in a 0-3 outfit on Sunday and it fit you perfectly.

We love you pumpkin. You are the light of our lives and so many other people's too. Happy One Month Birthday!

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  1. ooh, the swaddlers come in size 1 too! Morgan only fit into size 1's from day one, so I was happy to see they had them in size 1 because we love the "cheater line" :)

    I can't believe Jack is already a month old!! We need to get these babies together! :)