Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm a Mean Mommy

Jack hasn't been napping or sleeping much the past few days. He will "cat nap" and sleep for about 15 to 20 minutes at a time and then be wide awake again. I know he's tired because he will doze off all day long but just not sleep.

Today, I forced him to take a nap. Aren't I mean?

As he was getting drowsy around 11:00, I decided I would swaddle him. Usually, we only swaddle in the evenings, but what the heck right? He got wrapped up really tight, got his paci and then I dropped him in the swing on the lowest setting. It took him a couple of minutes, but he fell asleep!


It's now 90 minutes later. I had time to do the dishes, sweep the floor, clean the counter tops, eat lunch, dust, and balance my checkbook. Seriously, talk about a world of difference. My house thanks me.

I am such a mean mommy to force Jack to nap aren't I? Seriously though, I have heard that babies won't actually fall asleep unless they are tired, so clearly he must have been tired.

I can imagine that he's going to wake up crazy hungry. I better prepare myself!


  1. I must be super mean then. What you described is a daily occurrence round here! Trust me, if he wasn't ready for a nap, he wouldn't have taken one!

  2. Nope, that's not mean! That's for his own good. I used to have to put my puppy in his crate for naps the same way (LOL, but I'm pregnant and don't have my *real* baby yet) and he would wake up much happier. Just imagine how YOU feel when you're tired and put off a real nap.