Sunday, January 2, 2011

Eleven Months Old

Buggy, in one month, you will be a whole year old. I can't believe it! You have had a rough month little dude. You are teething like crazy, and you are not one of those babies that teethes easily. You have been very fussy and want to be held a lot. Which is certainly not a problem for me.

This last month flew by like a blink of an eye. Christmas, New Years and a vacation for Mommy made our time really special. You have had a lot of firsts this month:

* You are taking lots of steps. You are still cruising around furniture, but also are taking unassisted steps.

* You went to OMSI for the first time.

* You said "Mama" for the first time, as well as "Nana".

* You waved bye-bye for the first time intentionally last week.

* You are starting to clap. Most babies have clapped by now, but you wanted to make sure the time was right.

* You are starting to recognize music and dance up and down when you hear it. It's too stinkin' cute!

I am pretty sure you have grown about 5 inches this last month. Most of your pants are getting too short. Time to go up to 18 months!

I can't believe that I now have a toddler! You make Daddy and I so proud. You are so energetic and active and constantly keep us laughing. Little Man, you are just so special. Every time I hold you while you fall asleep, I stroke your hair or the side of your face and just thank God for what a blessing you are.

We love you Jack Emmett!

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