Monday, January 10, 2011

Jack is too Fussy

I am too sensitive. I already know this. It is something I need work on, but when I have had this trait since early childhood, it's hard to break. Here's an example of why I am too sensitive:

Yesterday I dropped Jack off at the church nursery like usual. When I left, he was happy and playing with the other baby. About 45 minutes later, I get paged. As I make my way down to the nursery, my only thought was "I bet he threw up".

When I got there, the coordinator said to me: "We just have too many babies and Jack is being too fussy and needy". Um what? Babies are needy. Babies can be fussy. I asked if they had fed him. They just had fed him and he had calmed down, but apparently I still needed to take him.

When I walked in to pick him up, he was fine. Not crying at all. As a matter of fact, there were other babies that WERE crying. Why was my son singled out?

If this is going to be a regular occurrence, I need to re-think my idea of going to this particular service. I can always watch the service from an adjacent room with Jack.

What bother me is this: Why was Jack singled out? I am sorry, but he is not too fussy. Yes, he CAN be fussy, but that's generally when he needs one of two things: Food or a nap. Maybe if they had just fed him like I instructed them when I dropped him off, he wouldn't have fussed.

It bothers me that Jack is always immediately labeled as fussy by others. *I* know he can be that way, but in all reality, is he any more fussy than other babies?

So tell me moms, would this bother you? Or am I being too sensitive?


  1. That would bother me too! But I get pretty upset when people say something about her or my parenting choices.

  2. Yes, my feelings would be hurt. Maybe Jack just needs more individual attention than other babies and they just can't be bothered - the reason you don't see that is because you do give him the attention he needs.