Monday, January 3, 2011

Poop Issues

I wish I was writing this post about myself, because, let's face it, it would be funny to write a whole post about MY poop issues. Not that I have any. But no, this is about the boy's poop issues.

I thought his poop issues were from teething. This wouldn't be abnormal. When he first started teething, he got a diaper rash and was pooping a lot and it was watery. Not diarrhea, just watery. The next day, his first tooth popped through.

With all the drooling and sucking and chewing that the wee one is doing, I think he's teething. But, then there's the poop. He is pooping a lot. A whole lot. Like 7 or 8 times a day a lot. And because of this, he has an awful diaper rash. No amount of Aveeno Oatmeal bath and Desitin or any other butt paste is helping. And besides the large quantity of poop, there is the smell. It feels like a seafood restaurant sometimes. Fish. Fish in the diaper when we don't feed him fish.

And tonight, the final weird symptom: Snotty diaper. It looked like someone sneezed into his diaper. Uncle! I called the on-call doctor.

What gives? I thought this was teething but now I am thinking that it could be the new formula. Not totally and completely new, but new as in three weeks new. Wouldn't the poop issues have started occurring earlier if it was the formula?

It's not new food. He hasn't gotten any new solid food in the last few days.

I am hoping this poor child gets some relief soon because the screaming and asking for "Dada" during diaper changes is enough to break my heart. Added to the fact that he can't even sit down in the tub. It's pathetic to watch your kiddo playing with toys in the tub while on his knees.

It is now 8:18 and the on-call doctor was supposed to call me back by now.

Damn poop. Damn on-call doctor. Maybe tomorrow will bring some relief from the poop and rash ass. Poor baby.

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