Monday, January 31, 2011

Mish Mash

Some things that are on my mind today.

* I am being very nostalgic today and this week about our little man turning 1. He officially turns 1 on Wednesday. I think back to Monday one year ago and what I was doing. At this very minute, I was relaxing in my hospital bed knowing that I would have a baby within the next day.

* I am still dreading the crib transition. We have a plan, but doesn't have any official date tied to it. Here is the plan: Go to Jack's one year pediatrician appointment. Determine if he's ready for whole milk. If he is, start transitioning to him to whole milk and off formula in the hopes that he eats a little bit better and POSSIBLY starts sleeping through the night. If he does, great! I think the crib transition will be much easier. If he doesn't STTN, then, well, I am not sure what exactly we will do. I don't agree with cry it out and neither does my husband. We might have to do a modified version of sleep training with no crying.
* I lost another 1 pound this week! I consider this an accomplishment since we went out to dinner on Saturday night and I indulged in tasty barbeque and even dessert! Sunday night I had birthday cake as well. I still stayed within my Points for the week, so I am not feeling like I cheated or overdid it.

* We only have one birthday present for the little man. It's a Radio Flyer Vintage Bumper Car, complete with bumper car-ish sounds. It's super cute! He won't be able to use it quite yet, so I need to find him something else.

* On Saturday, Jack stayed over at my in-laws for his second sleep over of his life. He did okay. I think my in-laws feel like if he isn't in bed with me, he is going to miraculously sleep through the night. Well guess what? He proved them wrong again. Mama on the other hand got too much sleep. Yes, you read that right. TOO MUCH SLEEP. I woke up late after sleeping for 10 hours and felt hungover. It took me three cups of coffee to wake up. I spent my day cleaning, relaxing and just hanging out at home.

* Little man is walking, walking, walking. I have some cute videos of him, so I might be posting those later. Oh dear, he looks sort of drunk and sort of like a zombie, but so stinkin' cute! Pretty soon he is going to be running and I am not ready for that!

That's about it for now. Gah! My boy is turning 1 in two.days. TWO DAYS!

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