Thursday, January 27, 2011


Two days in a row, I thought my heart was being ripped out of my chest when I picked up Jack from childcare.

When I reached for him or picked him up, he cried and tried to get away from me. At one point, he even saw Karen and reached for her instead. Ouch!

He cried all the way to the car, the whole time I was buckling him in, and until I started the car and drove away.

I really hope this is because he likes to play at Karen's so much and not a reflection on me. He is always happy to see me, so I am thinking this is just a phase.

Some things are weighing heavy on my mind today. Baby related things, but I am not ready to talk to much about them yet. They are in relation to transitioning Jack to the crib and getting him weaned off the bottle. More to come on those things later, but I am definitely full of worry right now.

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