Saturday, January 16, 2010


I am really behind in my blogging, so this weekend, I made a promise to myself that I would catch up. Why the title of my post? I had a baby shower at work on Monday and I cannot believe how generous people were! I guess people love buying baby stuff. I am trying to tell myself that people bought a lot because they love and care for me, but that sounds really uppity.

Three of my dear friends at work planned my shower. I told them nothing fancy. I didn't want them spending a lot of money. Just a cake and pregnant lady will be happy! I walked into the room and first off, they had decorated it so beautifully! There were tons of balloons and dinosaur decorations everywhere! Our theme is dinosaurs (see earlier posts for examples) and they did such a good job. The plates, cups, forks and tablecloth all coordinated. I wish I had some pictures to post, but those will come later.

Second, and one of the most special things, was that my coworker from Idaho flew in for the shower! I was so surprised and touched. She paid for the plane ticket herself. Isn't that wonderful? She is seriously the most kind and sweet person ever. I could write a whole post just about how nice this woman is. Seriously.

There were about 19 people at my shower. Now, when I say that, remember for the end of this post. You will understand. One of my dear friends couldn't make it, but she sent me a beautiful email with a picture of my shower gift. I might cry if I explain it too much, but she searched and searched high and low for a John Lennon elephant. If you pull his tail, he plays the song "Imagine". He is light blue and will be perfect to hang in our little guy's crib. I am getting all teary eyed just typing this. I love you Bonnie!

I have a phobia with opening gifts, but I think I did really well! It's hard for me to have everyone staring at me to see my reaction. What is even more funny is that in every picture, I have the strangest look on my face. We played some fun games, ate some yummy cake (decorated with dinosaurs of course!) and chatted.

I got so much stuff that it filled my entire trunk going home! We got a lot of our "essential" items that were still on our registry. Boppy, the baby bouncer, our monitor, baby hangers, tons of bath products, a very cute diaper cake, amazing clothes (seriously the cutest clothes I have ever seen), toys, a super soft elephant stuffed animal, onesies, baby medicine, diaper cream, blankets (all in dinosaur patterns), some toys and rattles, crib sheets, books, gift cards, and other "beauty" products. Can you believe it? Everyone was so generous.

Remember when I said there were 19 people there? Well, look at this:

That is my couch. FULL! That all came from 19 people! People spent way too much on Baby Walter. This is why I am so blessed. Jason and I hardly have anything that we "need" to buy off our registry now. We will use the gift cards we were given and pick up things like the extra car seat base, our pack n play and the baby swing. Other than that, we are DONE! He has plenty of clothes, diapers, baby products and toys to last him quite a while.

What is even more scary is that I have my family shower today. Another shower! I will definitely be posting about that later this weekend.

I have such great friends. Really I do.

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