Monday, January 25, 2010

Vent of Sorts

The point to this post is to vent about two things, although, I am sure I will think of more. Ha!

Vent number one: Why do people try and get you to disclose your name choice even after saying you won't be sharing? No, sorry random friend I only speak to once a year, you won't be finding out. Sorry mother-in-law and mom, you won't be finding out either, no matter how much you beg and plead.

Why did we decide to keep the name quiet? Because people have opinions and we don't want to hear them. We don't want to hear the "oh I know a guy with that name and he's a jerk" or "Are you sure? Aren't you worried about him getting made fun of?". Our name choice is not bizarre by any means, but we aren't sharing. End of story. Unless you are an internet stranger because I don't care about your opinion. I will share with you.

Vent number two: Why do people feel the need to either call every day or comment every day that I am STILL PREGNANT!? So annoying. My mother-in-law, who I adore with all my heart, thinks she is being sneaky by calling to "see how I am doing". Well MIL, you don't fool me. I know why you are calling. I am doing just fine thank you and no, I am not in labor. Don't worry, you will be one of the first people to know when I do go into labor. Don't fret my pretty one.

And to the random person in the bathroom at work, yes, I am still here. You really don't need to shriek "OH MY GOD, YOU ARE STILL HERE?!". It's not like I am 41 weeks pregnant. I am not even 38 weeks yet. I still have a full two weeks to go. I promise you, I will not go into labor in the bathroom or in the elevator and soil your shoes. Geez, calm down people! I am fine. All is well in the world. I am still pregnant and when I am not any longer, the world will continue to rotate.

You may now resume your regularly scheduled program.

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