Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Best Friend the Couch

I figure I might as well get most of my blogging out of the way since pretty soon, the babe will be here and I won't have as much time.

The past few nights, Jason has arrived home from work to find me passed out on the couch. I honestly can't help it. It is way more comfortable than our bed. I am finding myself getting more and more stir crazy and uncomfortable trying to find a place to sleep. If I try to sleep in our bed, I just toss and turn and get up fifty times a night to pee. It's hard for me to roll over and sometimes I get too hot. My solution to these problems have been to either sleep on the couch for part of the night, or when Jason comes to bed in the morning.

I honestly wish I could sleep on the couch every night. That wouldn't be conducive to Jason's gaming habit however. With our computer now out in the living room, he can't play games or be a boy with me sleeping on the couch two feet away. But I just can't help it! The couch is just so comfy! It has good back support, it's cushy, and my kitties usually keep me company.

I wonder if I could move the couch into the bedroom? That might solve all my problems.

1 comment:

  1. I moved to the couch on SUnday night when Chris was snoring like a freight train. I was pleasantly suprised too!