Sunday, January 17, 2010

His Room is DONE!

I am so excited! I love how it turned out and how tidy it is. I am a very tidy person to begin with, so it's no surprise that Walter Goblin's room is very tidy and organized. The last batch of pictures gives you an idea of how everything is going to look.

This weekend was spent at my baby shower (I will post a whole separate post about that tomorrow) and cleaning and organizing and finishing Walter's room. I probably should stop calling him Walter now that we have a name picked, but oh well. We haven't shared his name yet, so nicknames are still okay.

Without further ado, here is his room!

This is the view looking in from the door.

We decided on a dresser rather than a changer so he could use it as he gets older. And being that I am slightly paranoid, I didn't hang his framed pictures over the dresser or his crib.

Here is the organizer with all his changing supplies.

The first shelf holds his diapers and diaper cream.
The second organizer holds extra diapers as well as his health and grooming kit.
The third organizer holds burp cloths.
The fourth organizer holds extra wipes.

Here is his bouncer and diaper pail.

This is his bookshelf. It has his monitor and an extra lamp as well as his stuffed animal collection so far. A lot the books are from my childhood.

Here is his crib. We are using a breathable bumper and even though the quilt is hanging there, we won't be using it IN the crib. It's just decoration for now. I love my dinosaur Boppy cover too!
This basket holds all his receiving blankets. We got a lot of them!

We are sharing a closet and this is his side. The clothes hanging are his clothes and outfits. The dresser holds things like onesies and sleepers. The bins all hold something different.

One bin has bottles, extra nipples and pacifiers.
The next bin has hats, socks, bibs and baby mittens.
The organizer holds towels, washcloths, crib sheets and extra blankets.

These are his toys that he has accumulated so far. I love his Seahorse!

His dresser is organized as follows:
Drawer One: Onesies sorted by size and sleeve length.
Drawer Two: Sleepers sorted by size
Drawer Three: Extra diapers
Drawer Four: Extra mattress pad covers, some blankets and Boppy covers
Drawer Five: Empty
Drawer Six: Extra baby wash, lotion, health care items

Onesie drawer:

Sleeper drawer:

It sounds really cheesey, but I love going into his room and poking through all his stuff. It makes everything more "real" knowing that we are now prepared for his arrival.

Let me know what you think of his room! I don't have the decorating gene, but I still love it.

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  1. Looks great! I am excited to hear his "real" name soon! Can you believe we have less than a freakin month!?!?!?