Friday, January 22, 2010

The Carseat

The ending to last weekend was the installation of the carseat. Well, I take no credit. My husband did it all himself. First off, we bought a travel system. It came in the biggest box I have ever seen. The nice thing was that the carseat was already assembled. The stroller was another story.

Jason installed the base in less than 10 minutes. I was extremely surprised. We will see just how well it's in there when I go to the firestation tomorrow to get it inspected. Next up is a second base to be installed in his car.

So the point to this blog post was to point out my absolute and utter klutziness. Jason had finished putting together the stroller and we decided to take everything out to the car and just store it in the trunk. I had the empty carseat to snap into the base and Jason carried the stroller.

I am walking out to the car and being my usual graceful self, I fell flat on my ass. I did impress myself however because I managed to hold up the carseat so it didn't hit the ground. My pants were covered in mud, and my pride was wounded. Of course, Jason was freaked out. "Oh my God, are you okay?!" Yes honey, I was fine. Just a little muddy. He then says "Don't do that with the baby in the carseat". Okay, I feel bad enough as it is, don't make me feel worse.

I clean myself off and decide I am fine. It was just my big butt after all. I didn't hurt myself at all. Later in the Goblin household:

Jason: So here's what you need to do. When you go somewhere and need to use the stroller, you need to take the stroller out of the trunk, set it up and THEN go to the car and get the baby.

Me: ...............................Um, what?

Jason: You didn't know that?

Me: Of course I knew that. Do you think I am stupid? What am I going to do? Take the baby out, leave him on the ground and then set up the stroller?

Jason: Well, you have never done this before, I want to make sure you know how it works.

Me: You have never done this before either!


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  1. That is too funny! At least he is interested, right? :)