Monday, April 19, 2010


Some answers! Last Friday, in a last ditch effort, I saw my fourth lactation consultant. I was referred by my pediatrician surprisingly, after the pedi listened to my issues about Jack and his gas. I thought maybe he was so gassy because of his latch. I went to the lactation consultant to either confirm or deny.

At the visit, Jack nursed beautifully (for him). He nursed for 8 minutes with a little prodding. This is twice as long as he usually goes before he starts to cry. On cue, at 8 minutes, he started arching and crying, so I burped him. The lactation consultant said his latch was great and that he wasn't sucking air. She suspected that Jack has reflux. My homework for the weekend was to keep trying with breastfeeding and not to pump so that he could get all the milk and no bottles. Well, that is easier said then done.

I tried nursing him a few times this weekend, but that was an epic disaster. He cried and screamed and clawed at my chest most times I tried. That makes me feel so terrible so I usually just give him bottles of pumped milk. It is less heartbreaking for the both of us this way.

Today, we went to the pediatrician to be evaluated for reflux. Jack doesn't spit up and doesn't have a slow weight gain, but he does have lots of other symptoms. For example:

* Gas and hiccups all day and uncontrollably
* Arching and crying during or after feeding
* Eating often and small amounts (Jack typically eats every hour)
* Making a face like he has a bad taste in his mouth
* Poor sleep habits (he hardly naps)

I was extremely impressed with both my pediatrician and the LC. The LC actually called my pedi after my appointment on Friday and told her that she is concerned and that she wanted Dr. D to see us for a possible issue with reflux. Can you believe that? I am impressed with Dr. D because she listens to me. I have been saying something is wrong with the wee one since he was born. Whether it be gas, a milk allergy, or reflux, something is wrong. Nobody seems to want to listen. She did. She is so kind and does not make you feel stupid at all. I can't tell you how much I appreciate this.

She confirmed that since we have ruled out everything else and that we have seen several different LC's and chatted about this before, she is comfortable giving Jack the reflux diagnosis. She also told me that she is not quick to give babies medication unless the situation warrants it. Jack's situation does.

Tonight, I gave my poor baby his first does of baby Zantac. I pray that it works and that he starts to feel better. The poor little guy was hurting tonight. I had to almost force feed him. He hadn't eaten very much tonight so I swaddled him, gave him some bottle and then made sure he was well burped before he went to bed.

Please work medicine, please! I want my poor little guy to regain some of the 2.5 months he has lived in pain. I also hope that this will help him go longer between feedings and maybe he will want to nurse more.

Finally some answers!


  1. Poor little guy, and mama... I hope the meds help!

  2. Zantac worked wonders for Super Dave. Hope it works out just as well for little Jack!