Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nobody is Listening!

It is no secret that the wee one is very gassy and has his "time" during the day. It is from 6:00 to 8:00pm every night. Like clock work. It's almost like the baby thieves come to my house and replace Jack with another baby that looks identical to him but is very very cranky.

I am very aware that he is fussy. I never assumed it was colic, although he fits all the symptoms and signs. He doesn't scream for hours on end so I brushed off the thought of colic. However, I can't deny it anymore. My kid has colic, even if he doesn't scream.

During this time, I literally cannot put him down. If I do, screaming and crying ensue. I have to bounce, rock, pat, burp, and snuggle with him. Tonight, I couldn't even get my shirt back on after our bath. As soon as I got his diaper on, he started fussing. I threw my sports bra on and called it good. So for the next hour, I had a drooling, cranky, sweaty baby smashed up against me. Don't get me wrong, it's fine. I actually like the sweaty snuggles.

Mama can't eat dinner. This would require me to put Jack down which cannot happen. I either eat before 6:00 if this is possible (which it's usually not) or after 9:00 when he goes down for bed.

The purpose of my post was to vent about the doctor. Jack's fussy time has gotten much worse over the past few days. So bad that he's now fussy almost the entire day. He has bad gas anyways so this doesn't help. For the past three days, I have had to help him poop and fart by pumping his legs. He won't eat more than about 2 ounces at a time from his bottle and he eats every 90 minutes or so. He also won't nap very well.

I called the on-call pediatrician tonight thinking that maybe this wasn't his regular fussiness and maybe there was something actually wrong.

I have never felt so incredibly stupid or demeaned in my entire life. She made me feel like a complete moron.

She insisted that it was just colic and that lots of moms go through it. Also, she kept saying that by 8 weeks it should start to get better. Okay folks, Jack is 10 weeks. It's getting WORSE not BETTER. The pedi didn't understand this. She also "reminded" me that when babies are Jack's age, they are still relatively tired most of the day.

"If he goes more than 2 hours of being awake, he needs to sleep". Okay lady, let me just flip that switch and maybe he will magically sleep. It doesn't work that way. She also suggested that his eating every 90 minutes could be corrected. She told me to hold off on his feedings until he reaches 3 hours.

Let me explain: Jack fills up with gas during his feedings. Even during breastfeeding, he gets so much air. As a result, he only gets a couple of ounces. That also means that when he gets burped and all the air finally resolves itself, he is hungry again. That usually is every hour to 90 minutes. I am absolutely not going to try and make him wait another 2 hours if he's hungry. That is just cruel and mean.

I really felt like the doctor wasn't listening to me. Something is wrong with my son. Even if it's just severe gas, something is wrong. Nothing works and she was telling me really lame things like "Well try gas drops". Gee, I never would have thought of that?!

I just want my baby to feel better. I miss him being happy and smiley during the day. Now, he's cranky, uncomfortable and just generally grumpy.

I want someone to listen and tell me that it gets better. Does it get better?

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  1. I can't say that it gets better because we haven't gotten there yet but I can TOTALLY relate:) Hubs asked if Noah was ever happy since he only sees him in the evening when he's cranky. He's super super gassy and we go thru gas drops like crazy! No one trick works every time so I'm not much help - we do alot of pumping the legs, gas drops, tummy time, extended burping sessions etc. I do find that slinging him over my shoulder with his arms above his head works well to get the gas moving.

    I've also switched to only formula because it seemed that my breastmilk made it worse:( He's still gassy but it seems a bit better (at least that's what i'm telling myself to justify stopping breastfeeding).

    Hang in there:) oh..and get a new pediatrician...NO ONE should make you feel that, especially someone you should trust like your doctor!