Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So Much for That

One of my previous posts was about Jack's reflux getting better. I think I jinxed it. He was better for a few days, but this week, his reflux came back again but only this time, it seems worse.

Dr. D prescribed Prevacid for him and we start it tomorrow morning. She also said that Jack probably seemed fine for a couple of days because he was used to no medicine, so that temporarily helped. However, he became almost immune to it which happens sometimes.

On Monday, we noticed that he seemed gassy and uncomfortable again. He was crying more than normal, wasn't sleeping well and had a fussy time from 6-8 like before. He arched during feedings.

Over the next couple of days, he started spitting up. My baby doesn't spit up hardly ever so it's a little alarming when he does it every day. Last night, Jason had him on the couch and he projectile vomited all the way across the couch. He has never had spit up like that before.

I really hope this medication works. I am so tired of feeling awful for my baby. I feel awful that there's nothing I can do to help him or make him feel better. I feel useless. He must feel ten times worse.

On a good note, we are leaving for the beach on Friday. Jason, Jack and I are staying at a B&B that we frequent. Jason and I got engaged there, spent our first anniversary and have gone for several other occasions. It will be Jack's first out of town trip!

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