Wednesday, April 21, 2010

No Touchie!

Today I took the wee one to the mall so mommy could have some retail therapy. I was on the lookout for some jeans that didn't emphasize the flappy belly I now have. I also just like getting out of the house every day. It keeps me sane.

The mall wasn't very busy, which was nice. I started out our trip with a visit to my favorite place on earth, Starbucks. While waiting for my coffee, some weirdo decided she wanted to get very very close to Jack and his stroller.

"Oh what an adorable baby! How old is he?". I tell her and she then proceeds to start to touch him.

Oh no you didn't!

"Excuse me, do I know you?" I ask. She says no. So I say "Please don't touch my baby then since I don't know you". I think she was a little miffed, but whatever. For all I know, she could have rabies or some weird communicable disease. My mama bear instinct definitely came out.

Our shopping trip was a success other than that bizarre incident. We visited Auntie Carrie at work, I found new jeans (on sale actually) and some other fun things.

You know what is the best though? Just how many people commented on how cute Jack was. It makes me feel good knowing that we made such a cute baby. Good for the ego you know? It's even cuter when teenage boys comment. I stopped counting, but I think there had to be 10 different people that said how sweet/cute/adorable/gorgeous he was.

That's nice, but just don't touch him.

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