Wednesday, August 3, 2011


While I don't have many cravings this time around (yet), I do have some pretty noticeable and strange ones.

I have been craving red meat like crazy. Steaks and cheeseburgers are sometimes all that I want. When I was in Denver the last time I ate red meat for dinner every night and it was divine. I must be slightly anemic since I usually don't crave meat in any form. I was borderline with Jack so I would not be surprised if I was again. Even extra iron tablets don't seem to help.

I am also craving vinegar based stuff. If I make a sandwich, I load it with mustard. My go-to sandwich the last few days has been sliced cheese and mustard. That's it. Pickles are also another vinegar based food that I want. I could (and have) eat pickles straight from the jar. I keep buying a huge jar and it is usually gone within a few days. The only downfall to this is the salt that they must contain. At least pickles start out as a vegetable!

In my third trimester with Jack I would drink orange juice like it was going out of style. While I am not in my third trimester yet I imagine I will have some funky cravings.

If anyone knows why I am craving vinegar, let me know! It must be some sort of vitamin or mineral I am lacking.

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  1. Don't quote me on this, but if remember correctly (pregnancy brain, you know!) I saw one of those questions before a commercial break on "I didn't know I was pregnant. . . " (Don't judge, I was on bed rest with Ella and BORED) that was "True of Ralse, women who crave pickles during pregnancy are anemic" and I think it was true. Might be worth asking at your next appointment. =)