Monday, August 29, 2011

Demo Day!

Today is demo day at Casa De Swanson and I thought I would post some lovely before pictures. Huge amount of sarcasm on the word lovely. This is going to be a picture heavy post so bear with me.

I plan on taking pictures daily to see the progress but I don't plan on posting daily! I don't want to overwhelm people.

The thing I am absolutely most excited about is the destruction of this burgundy tile in the bathroom. It wouldn't be so bad if the old homeowners grouted the tile correctly but they did a sloppy job and the lines are uneven.

Exhibit A: Bad grout lines

Exhibit B: The entire bathroom covered in burgundy tile.

In defense of the old homeowners they had a clawfoot tub that broke and pulled the plumbing out of the wall which in turn cased a flood. So in the haste of repairing they probably didn't care too much about what the grout looked like.

There isn't too much exciting stuff going on in the bedroom other than new flooring. Yes, we could have refinished the existing floor, but this would have added thousands to our budget. It wasn't in good shape either.

Exhibit C: The bedroom with its worn flooring

The living room is going to have this bad boy wall heater ripped out! Woo hoo! It's the monstrousity on the right of the picture. And that ugly gross carpet is being ripped up and new flooring installed.

Exhibit D: The living room with the soon to be gone wall heater

Exhibit E: Gross carpet. The cats use it as a clawing post. And one of our cats has a sensitive stomach which makes it impossible to keep carpet clean.

The kitchen! Bye bye worn gray laminate countertop and backsplash! Hello beautiful new counter and tile backsplash!

Exhibit F: Countertops. If you look carefully at the edges, they are orange from old age. It's time.

Exhibit G: The kitchen in its entirety

I am truly excited to see the transformation over the next few weeks. My house will never be so empty again that's for sure. Once we move back in it's going to look like a whole new house.


  1. Do you get to wield a sledgehammer? :D

  2. What a big renovation this will be! Exciting :)